Buying and Owning a Prowler

For buyers accustomed to purchasing production boats from dealers — and even for some who have bought from factory-direct builders that offer less customization — buying a built-to-order boat like a Prowler might seem daunting at first. It shouldn’t, though; our customers will tell you that the specification and build process is exciting and fun.

When I wanted a 25 but couldn’t afford new Bill put me in touch with someone ready to sell. I bought it sight unseen and had the guy deliver it to Bill’s shop where he did a refit, stripping the bottom paint, glassing the helm panel, fixing all chips, etc. He then personally delivered it to me 200 miles away and even took me out to show me the best way to run it. Not sure I will ever own another brand after that.
— Corey Lukens, 2004 Prowler 246

Learning More

Hopefully, our site will answer many of your initial questions about our boats and our company. But if you like what you see and want to learn more about construction, performance, options, pricing, or the buying process, we welcome your call. When you call Renaissance Prowler, you talk to founder, owner, and designer Bill Ratlieff.


SEA trials

Catch us that the Miami Boat Show to see our newest innovations and experience the Prowler ride firsthand. We also offers sea trials throughout the year in South Florida, or we're happy to connect you with one of our loyal owners in another part of the country.

We also welcome visits to our facility in South Florida; just give us a call first to let us know you’re coming. Finally, several very knowledgeable Prowler owners frequent the popular boating forum and are happy to provide their insight.

If you’d like to see a Prowler in person — or sea trial one — let us know, and we’ll arrange it at our facility or connect you with one of our family of loyal owners across North America. Or you can catch us at the Miami International Boat Show in mid-February.

Initiating the Process


Production capacity


In mid-2016, we moved into a new 30,000-square-foot facility and made other changes to meet growing demand and accommodate new models. Wait times vary with model, season, and demand, but we take pride in keeping them as short as possible.

Like most successful custom builders, Prowler has a waiting list for builds. The time from order placement to build initiation varies by model and season, but we strive to keep wait times as short as possible. To that end we moved into a new 30,000-square foot facility in mid-2016 and significantly expanded our staff, increasing production capacity to roughly 20 to 25 boats per year. Very generally speaking, the time from order to delivery is in the six- to twelve-month range.

In order to secure a build slot, we require a deposit of $5,000. If you have not yet had an opportunity to sea trial a Prowler, your deposit is refundable pending a satisfactory trial. Two weeks before the scheduled beginning of your build, one-third of the cost of your boat is due. Another third is due when the hull is ready to removed from the mold, and the balance on completion.

Spec’ing and Building


The Fun PART

Part of the excitement of purchasing a custom-built boat is the chance to configure everything exactly the way you want it. All the things you wished were designed or positioned a little differently on previous boats can be resolved before the build even starts. Of course, that includes the perfect rod holder layout for you style of fishing.

Once you place your deposit for a build slot, the fun starts. If they haven’t already, most buyers visit us at our facility at this point to plan their boats and discuss process and expectations. The choices are numerous — from hull color and top selection, to seating configurations and storage options, to power packages and electronics choices, to outriggers and rod holder placement — but we’ll work through them until you’re satisfied.

Once the build begins, we send regular photos and updates. If there’s anything we have a question about, we’ll check with you. And of course you’re welcome to check in anytime and see how your boat is progressing.

On my first trip out with my new boat while on vacation in the Keys, my port lower unit blew. I called Bill despondent as I figured my vacation was ruined with no boat. The next day he drove down, trailered her back up to Miami, replaced the lower unit, and then personally delivered the boat AGAIN to me the next morning.
— Shawn Fibkins, 2018 Prowler 31

After Delivery



Repairing this Prowler 31 required removing and replacing the forward seven feet of the port sponson. Most of the repairs and upgrades we perform are less dramatic, but we take equal pride in them. Read more on

We’re extremely proud of our construction methods and fit and finish, but things occasionally happen that require repair — like impacting a reef in the dark. The impact of this particular accident destroyed the port bow of a Prowler 31, but the boat stayed afloat — likely making the difference between life and death for several severely injured crew members —  and later was transported from the Caribbean to our facility, where we made it good as new.

Most of the work we do is much smaller in scale — upgrading electronics or machinery like windlasses, re-powering, adding upper stations, fixing dings and gouges, and so on. Whatever the job, we’ll always find time to upgrade or repair any Prowler, whether you’re the original owner or not.