Custom Offshore Catamarans
Since 1997


Experience Best-in-Class Performance

There’s a good reason Renaissance Prowler owners are some of the most satisfied and loyal in the industry. In fact, there are several.

For starters, we hand-craft boats to meet individual customers’ needs. When you buy a Prowler, you come aboard as an equal partner in the build. You won’t find a more personalized experience anywhere. Renaissance Prowler is a family company, and that family includes everybody who owns a Prowler.

Our hull designs play a part too. We’ve been pushing the envelope with high-performance offshore catamarans since 1997 — long before their recent surge in popularity with hardcore offshore anglers. Those decades of experience show up in our best-in-class efficiency, exceptional rough-water performance, and unmatched toughness and longevity.

Likewise, the flexibility and spaciousness of our interior layouts help keep Prowler owners in the family. Those owners aren’t just fishermen; they’re also divers, surfers, paddlers, researchers, island hoppers, sun seekers, and explorers. And we take pride inaccommodating all of them with smarter, roomier floor plans; bigger, easier to access compartments for fish, bait, ice, and dry gear; and more practical seating and comfort options than anybody else.

Ultimately, though, the only way to really understand why Prowler owners feel the way they do is to get on the water in a Prowler yourself. Please give us a call and let us set up a sea trial. We'd be happy to accommodate you at our South Florida location or connect you with an owner in your area.

The best advice I can give if you’re considering a Prowler is to get on one in some nasty seas with an experienced captain who knows how to dial it in.
— Keith Elder, 2015 Prowler 31

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